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Volunteer Opportunities

Please consider helping your four-legged friends at Humane Society of Dallas County! We are always looking for a few good men (or women) to join our "pack". Chances are we've been looking for you our entire (nine) lives!!! Please fill out a volunteer application TODAY!


Dedicated and committed volunteers are the key to our success. Browse our list of volunteer opportunities available. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer fill out the volunteer application and you will be contacted soon. With minimal staff available, we greatly depend on volunteers at the shelter to provide quality care for our animals and to support our programs.


New volunteer orientations will be held the first Sunday of every month at 1:00 p.m. at the shelter.


All new potential volunteers should complete the application on the website and submit it as instructed. Please be very thoughtful about the areas in which you are interested because we focus orientation training on areas of interest. Once we have received your application, you will be invited to an upcoming orientation.


It is important that once we contact you, you RSVP to reserve your slot. In order to have productive orientations, we limit the orientation group size, but will make every effort to accommodate all applicants.


Please note: Cutoff date for orientation is the Thursday before. If you submit your application on or after that date, you will be slotted in the following month's orientation.


Please address your questions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




To be an active volunteer, you must
  • commit to at least 6 months of service, and at least 4 hours per month (or you may become a short term volunteer and participate only in special events).
  • complete an application and file it at the shelter.
  • attend an orientation which lasts approximately 30 minutes and is conducted at least once every month. For specific dates, email our Volunteer Coordinator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  • meet minimum age requirements for specific job descriptions.
  • make a $15 donation for Dog & Kitty City to defray costs of volunteer materials, meetings and socials.
  • be punctual and conscientious in the fulfillment of your duties and make every effort to fulfill your commitment.
  • abide by the guidelines and instructions given to you because these are for your and the animal's safety.
  • treat all animals, staff, other volunteers and the public with respect.
  • abide by all shelter policies and regulations regarding adoption procedures. Volunteers do not get preferential treatment nor are any policies waived on their behalf.
  • report any injury while working at the shelter or in conjunction with shelter activities.
  • feel free to offer suggestions, complaints, compliments and criticism, all of which we will try to address as best we can.







  • provide play activities for shelter cats;
  • provide brushing and social interaction;
  • provide special treats with permission of shelter staff;
  • check cats for possible medical or behavioral problems and report problems to shelter staff;
  • assist with photo and bio information for files and off site adoptions;
  • assist at the Luv A Pet offsite adoption center;
  • help with mobile cat condo to showcase kittens.


You must be 13 years old or accompanied by parent (a liability waiver must be signed). Younger children will be allowed to participate with special arrangements.


You are encouraged to socialize with all our cats except those in sick bay and maternity. These areas are restricted to trained staff only.


  • provide walks, play, and basic grooming for shelter dogs including occasional baths;
  • provide special treats with staff permission;
  • provide basic behavior training and attend the dog training seminar;
  • provide periodic outings for select shelter dogs, such as “a day at the park;”
  • check dogs for possible medical or behavioral problems and report problems to supervisor;
  • assist with photo and bio information for files and off site adoptions;
  • confirm appropriate bio posted on each outdoor dog run.


You must be a minimum of 16 years old and have basic knowledge of dogs (a liability waiver must be signed). You must be comfortable around different dog personalities.



Rewards of the socializing jobs include the opportunity
  • to learn basic dog and cat behaviors
  • to learn about possible health concerns and understand them
  • to become part of the solution by keeping our dogs and cats mentally healthy, happy, and stimulated until we find them a loving permanent home
  • to enjoy the unconditional love you'll receive in return for your time and commitment is reward in itself.





Offsite adoptions are our most successful means to place our precious animals in permanent loving homes. As an adoption counselor, you will be involved in a crucial process to the success of our shelter. It is a huge responsibility, yet most rewarding. We regularly take our dogs and cats to pet stores and area merchants on weekends in hopes of finding them homes.


  • transport the animals to and from the shelter to the offsite location;
  • walk the dogs and keep them out of their crates as much as possible;
  • represent the organization and answer questions;
  • interview, evaluate, and match prospective adopters with the right animal.


We are extremely careful about placing the right animal in the right home, so this position requires extra training beyond the basic orientation. To qualify for this volunteer opportunity, you must:

  • attend basic orientation;
  • study the training packet given to you at basic orientation and be very clear on terminology and adoption rules;
  • assist with adopt a pet until you feel comfortable doing it on your own, and the head adoption counselor feels you are ready;
  • have a thorough understanding of the adoption process and requirements;
  • commit at least one Saturday a month.


These adopt a pets occur on Saturdays at various pet stores and merchants around the city. Locations are typically announced by the Tuesday preceding the event.


We place cats at various pet stores, primarily the Petsmart Luv-A-Pet center at Forest and Inwood, to be viewed by the public for possible adoption.


  • clean condos or cages;
  • make certain there is food and fresh water;
  • make sure the cats are healthy;
  • verify cage bios and information about each cat;
  • give them a little TLC!


We need daily help as well as volunteers who can assist when needed. Volunteers on weekends are especially appreciated to show the cats at the Luv-A-Pet center and to meet with the public to facilitate adoptions.


  • assist Adoption Director in evaluating applications;
  • assist in making follow up calls on animals recently adopted, and
  • arrange home visits if questions arise as to the security and safety of the animal.


These calls can be made from your home in the evenings and weekends.


Basic orientation is required as well as a meeting with our Adoption Director for further training on our expectations and requirements on adoptions.


This is one of our most crucial volunteer jobs and can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.


  • Provide a temporary home, love and necessary medical care for an animal that is not yet ready for adoption due to illness, injury, stress, or age.

In most cases, your foster animal will be small kittens, kittens and their mother or puppies. You can foster an animal from one week to a month or more depending on the situation. We furnish all supplies, food and medical care. You provide the TLC!


You must attend basic orientation where you will be given a foster packet and receive detailed instruction from our Adoption Director.


Events, Marketing & Community Relations


These are fundraising/friendraising opportunities to promote the shelter and its mission while gaining financial and community support. There are many varied opportunities to support fundraising efforts. Since the shelter is totally dependent upon donations, this volunteer opportunity is as broad as the imaginations of the participants.



Responsible for oversight and operations of the Events Committee.



  • Maintain a detailed annual events calendar.
  • Target for a minimum of one “event” per month.
  • Act as “go to” point of contact for individuals requesting event participation from volunteers, public, venue partners, sponsors, etc.
  • Oversee all planned events.
  • Plan and execute larger-scale events, including the Annual Holiday Raffle.
  • Provide updates on events and marketing-related matters to the Board of Directors.
  • Coordinate events with the Volunteer Coordinator and Adopt a Pet Team.
  • Communicate with Events Team via informal newsletter and updates as necessary.
  • Plan meetings with the Events Team as necessary.
  • Maintain the official events@dognkittycity e-mail address.
  • Communicate with all volunteers via Google Calendar and Facebook.


Help plan and execute the range of events scheduled throughout the year.



  • Maintain ongoing communication with the Committee Chair.
  • Contribute ideas to the entire team on all events.
  • Attend meetings as scheduled.
  • Act as Event Lead for at least 2 events a year.
  • Participate in planning and execution of events year-round.


Time-intensive, August – January



  • Communicate with the Committee Chair with plans/ideas for annual raffle.
  • Assist with communication to volunteers to solicit prizes for the raffle.
  • Assist with communication to donors and acknowledgement of all individual/company donations.
  • Confirm receipt of all promised donations to the Shelter or pick up donations as necessary.
  • Works with the graphic design volunteer to develop promotional flier on all raffle items.
  • Assist Chair to refine raffle ticket selling strategies.
  • Send volunteers periodic updates to promote raffle ticket sales.
  • Work to secure a venue for the Raffle Drawing Party.
  • Assist with securing significant “draws” for the event (professional photographer, celebrity announcer for raffle prize drawing).
  • Assist with the packaging of donated items, and other similar tasks in the week immediately preceding the Drawing Party.
  • Assist with Drawing Party announcements for website and publications.
  • Help promote the event in the media and on Facebook.



  • Act as the point of contact for requests received from educational institutions, corporations, groups wishing to participate in a project to benefit shelter while fulfilling their community service objectives.
  • Review initial contact and provide recommendation to Board for action.
  • Communicate with the Committee Chair and Volunteer Chair to ensure proper volunteer staffing at all events.
  • Maintain a basic calendar of event details and communicate with the Google Calendar Coordinator and FACEBOOK Coordinator to ensure appropriate publicity.
  • Serve as the primary coordinator of event logistics for HSDC.
  • Attend in-person events as able or recruit representative.
  • Work with the Committee Chair and other HSDC leadership to develop outreach strategies, including measurable goals and targets.



  • Interact with kids to help give them the opportunity to work with animals and foster an appreciation of shelter care.
  • Develop and recommend on campus events to promote the shelter while engaging students in the fundraising aspects of the shelter.
  • Coordinate and participate in events like school drives and fairs.



  • Post events-related news to HSDC’s Facebook page.
  • Expand into other social media outlets like Twitter as deemed appropriate and approved.



  • Coordinate with media outlets for placement of HSDC events in the news.
    • Dog About Town (Dallas Morning News)
    • Other Media Outlets (D Magazine, The Advocate, NeighborsGo, The Observer)
  • Take primary responsibility for writing and disseminating press releases.


These volunteers will attend shelter events and activities with the responsibility of photographing the event for news releases, web site inclusion or volunteer announcements.


These volunteers will also assist in maintaining current, adorable photos of all shelter animals for use on adoption posters, promotions, fundraising letters and announcements. They need to have a basic understanding of photo specifications.


2719 Manor Way * Dallas, TX 75235 * 214-350-7387            Open daily 11:45 AM - 5 PM. Closed Tuesdays and holidays.