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Valentina - Domestic Short Hair

Domestic Short Hair

Date of Birth: 06/03/2015

Small • Adult • Female

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Batman - Labrador Retriever [Mix]

Labrador Retriever [Mix]

Date of Birth: 09/03/2014

Large • Adult • Male


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Foster Programs

We have two alternate programs to supplement rescue efforts with our space restrictions: HSDC FOSTER PROGRAM and GUEST FOSTER PROGRAM.


In the HSDC FOSTER PROGRAM, the animals belong to the shelter. Volunteers offer their homes as a temporary spot for the neediest shelter animals. These may be kittens or puppies, a momma with babies, an animal recovering from illness or surgery, a timid animal that needs special socialization or the like.


To participate as a foster parent you need to file an Adoption Application with the shelter. We qualify participants as though we were adopting a pet to a new home, including a home visit for dog fosters. The animal remains the property of the shelter, and the shelter accepts all responsibility for food, supplies and care. Shelter will provide and pay for any necessary medical attention.


Once qualified, a foster parent simply signs the foster contract and picks up their little charge(s) at the shelter. Shelter support is just a phone call away.


The GUEST FOSTER PROGRAM involves the shelter in promoting adoption for animals that are not shelter animals, but belong to the person housing the pets. Participants must sign a contract confirming their compliance with the medical requirements (by law) as well as the conditions for their participation in the program.


We provide web site promotion of these guest fosters and offer them spots at our off site adoption events, both LuvAPet and AdoptAPet. We will feature these pets as long as necessary to rehome them.


The animals in this program do NOT belong to the shelter, but to the home in which they reside. Whenever possible, we will assist with low cost/no cost exams and vaccines, but the animal remains the responsibility of the owner.


Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to enroll in any of these foster opportunities.


2719 Manor Way * Dallas, TX 75235 * 214-350-7387            Open daily 11:45 AM - 5 PM. Closed Tuesdays and holidays.