DOB 6/26/16

My 85 yr. old neighbor is going into a nursing care facility & leaves her house soon. This beautiful 5 yr. old female needs a new home. NOTICE HER SPECIAL RINGED TAIL, gorgeous coloring/markings. Chloe is a quiet cat, sweet, gentle & well behaved. She's easy to care for. She has a laid back personality. She loves her wet food but also eats dry. Chloe will be shy at first, needs time to warm up, but she will, & when she does she'll make a great companion for her adopter. To be the only cat would be ideal, but perhaps another older female would be ok too. She's never been around young kids & large dogs scare her. She likes attention & being brushed. All her belongings can go with her, bowls/bed/blanket/brush/toys/food. Please think about helping Chloe & giving her a 2nd chance of going into a forever home.

She is a sweetheart and looking for her forever home.

She is in a foster home right now. If you will like to meet her we do ask that you fill out an application online or at our shelter.

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