Hello my Name is Faith!


My Mom saw a strength in me that brings so much Faith and Joy! That’s why she picked me and named me Faith! I love to snuggle up with my Mom while making biscuits and purring with my eyes closed. When it’s cold, I will curl up on your legs and keep your feet warm too! Oh, I also give great back massages! I have so much love to give that I prefer to be an only cat. I will get along with other cats but just not the males. They are rough and I’m a lady POL! (purr out loud)


My Mom had to make a very difficult decision and would like to find us a new home. She really wants what’s best for us. She just could no longer give us the home we started out with, she was barely making it herself. I hope that you can find it in your heart to give us a home like my Moms but she wants it to be better than what she could provide. If you provide the home, I will provide the Love!


Looking forward to meeting you!



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