Lily is a Labrador and Golden retriever , roughly 30-35lbs, born on 10/25/2016.


She is very active, high energy, loving, friendly, outgoing, patient, smart, and loves attention. She knows her basic commands such as sit, stay, come, shake hand, lay down, go potty. She is potty trained to pee/poop outside and also on newspapers or cardboard inside only if you want her to. She plays well with other dogs, but prefers humans. She is great with kids, but jumps too much for small children. She loves to sleep super close to her human at night, but also will jump on her own bed from time to time or spread out on the floor. Lily loves car rides, is a sweet dog to comfort you when in distress, and is protective of to her humans.

She is in a foster home now. If you are interested in meeting her we ask that you fill out an application online or at the shelter first.

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