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Houdini - Domestic Medium Hair

Domestic Medium Hair

Date of Birth: 09/07/2015

Small • Adult • Male

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Kelly - Labrador Retriever [Mix]

Labrador Retriever [Mix]

Date of Birth: 09/07/2016

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Catahoula Leopard Dog [Mix]

Color: White with Gray or Silver

Date of Birth: 03/2010

Medium • Adult • Male • Dog


DOB 3/2010

Meet Jack – a runner, a friend, a goof ball, he snores, loves to play fetch and tug of war and he's deaf!! Jack originally came to the shelter when someone found him as a puppy on her doorstep. Jack was adopted shortly thereafter but because of ongoing issues between Jack and another dog in the family, they sadly need to find a new home for Jack – but he has a home with them until they do.

Jack is completely deaf, but that doesn’t mean he can’t hear things. He knows when someone comes to the door, even if he’s in another room. He knows when cars pull up to the house. He knows if you are putting on your going-out-for-a-run shoes. (All this holds unless he is asleep. When he is asleep, you can vacuum, play loud music, shout out loud – without fear of disturbing his slumber). Jack is fiercely loyal. He clings to his family (preferring to sit right on top of your feet to make sure where you are at all times). He loves to go for a walk and he really really loves to go for a run. He can run and run - slowly for as much as ten miles, faster for seven and much faster for two or three miles. This exercise has been really effective in keeping him mellow. But mostly he just loves it so much and he's a fantastic running buddy. His current family highly recommends him to someone who runs.

For Jack, the worst thing is to be separated from humans in the house. However, he does very well in a crate when his folks are gone. He just hates it if you are home but he is locked up - he is accustomed to sleeping in his own bed next to his human.

Jack is a rarity – a deaf alpha dog. Most deaf dogs are very passive beta dogs. Because he’s an alpha dog, Jack should not be with another alpha dog – as he will insist on ruling the roost. Jack has had training and knows the hand signals for sit, lie down, come, and stay. This doesn’t mean he’s always obedient, but if you get his attention, he knows exactly what you want and will come around.

Jack is full grown (about 47 pounds), but he is still a puppy. This means he frolics randomly with no provocation and practices irrational exuberance when it’s time to go out for a walk!! He is slow to trust new people. He doesn’t do well in crowds because he easily gets over stimulated, undoubtedly because of his deafness.

If you would like to meet or ask questions about this remarkable guy, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Adoption Donation $175

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