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Birdie - Domestic Short Hair

Domestic Short Hair

Date of Birth: 10/23/2016

Small • Adult • Female

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Argentino - Dogo Argentino [Mix]

Dogo Argentino [Mix]

Date of Birth: 09/03/2014

Large • Adult • Male


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Chihuahua / Terrier [Mix]

Color: White

Date of Birth: 05/2010

Small • Young • Female • Dog


DOB 5/2010

Itzme was found alone on the street and brought to the shelter by a kind-hearted person – the dangerous streets are of course no place for a dog to be alone!!

A small little Chihuahua/terrier mix, Itzme is very shy and a little timid right now - and who can blame her – the street is a scary place to be – but the shelter's kennel director is working with her and we feel with his encouragement, she will come out of her shell and be just fine.

She has the cutest ears that stand out from her body like the wings on an airplane, huge eyes and a large button of a nose – truly a girl with her own look!!!

Chihuahuas are lively little dogs that make good companions and are known to become very attached to their owners and terriers tend to be feisty and energetic so a good combination for a fun little dog.

As a small dog, weighing less than five pounds, Itzme would do just fine in an apartment with play time taking care of her exercise needs – she just needs what all dogs deserve to have - someone willing to give her love and a safe place to be ……. and some training to help her learn the things she needs to know to be part of a loving family environment.

Please consider giving this cute shy little girl a chance and visit her at Dog & Kitty City

Adoption Donation $225

This animal has been lucky enough to be adopted into a loving home! Please help us find homes for the others by contributing in any of these ways.

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