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Date of Birth: 10/18/2016

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Terrier / Schipperke [Mix]

Color: Black

Date of Birth: 02/2010

Small • Young • Female • Dog


DOB 02/2010

Isn't she Lovely? Why yes she is!!! This sweet dog came from a city shelter where her time ran out.

If you are looking for a friendly, agreeable dog, then Miss Lovely IS a stand out. She came with a friend from the shelter and she gets along well with other dogs. Lovely has a happy personality, she's the type of dog that is up for any adventure. Lovely walks well on the leash and loves playing with other dogs and being attentive to her person.

Lovely is a terrier/schipperke mix. The Schipperke is a dog of Belgin origin. The breed will have a somewhat thick appearance, even when of an appropriate weight. They typically have a very alert and questioning expression, and are some of the most curious dogs you'll ever find. They are confident and independent, good watch dogs, very devoted to their masters and make great companion dogs for a family. Don't pass up this great little dog.

Come see Lovely at Dog & Kitty City!

P.S. Don't be fooled by the pictures into thinking Lovely is bigger than she is. She's not a big dog at all. She weighs about 17 pounds.

Additional (HD) videos of Lovely: Kellary and Lovely | Kellary and Lovely 2

This animal has been lucky enough to be adopted into a loving home! Please help us find homes for the others by contributing in any of these ways.

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