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Mom Cats of Dog and Kitty City 2015




JUST IN TIME for Mother's Day, we're highlighting all the great mother cats awaiting adoption at Dog & Kitty City/HSDC. All of these furry moms arrived at our shelter doorstep with a litter of babies and some of them even did double duty nursing abandoned kittens that may have arrived as stragglers.


These lovely spayed moms are available for a special adoption fee of $50 during the month of May.


We're located at 2719 Manor Way, Dallas, TX 75235. Shelter hours are 11:45 AM - 5 PM, closed Tuesdays and holidays. Phone: 214-350-7387. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Astra is a staff favorite! She's a black and white shorthair who is 4 years old. She's slightly round, which just adds to her allure. She purrs every time someone pets her.


Cleo arrived at our shelter in May 2008 as a one year old with her litter of newborns. She is a bob-tail, a little shy and will dart away if you approach her too fast. Once she gets to know you, she loves her strokes and will sit and purr all the while.


Carina is such a pretty petite mom cat. She's a black/gray tabby who is 3 years old. Just look at those pretty eyes and you'll fall for her quickly.


Click "Read more.." to read about all our 23 mom cats you can adopt!


Danielle was found running at large with her little brood of kittens. This little beauty has a feisty spirit, but a great big loving heart. She will entertain you with affection and playfulness, if you just give her a chance.


Darlene is 3 years old. She loves to play, nap time and meet new people. She is a calm and quiet cat who will make as wonderful a companion.


Ellie was born on 1/28/2014. She has beautiful tabby markings and soulful eyes. She has a tender and gentle spirit, and she was the perfect mother. She nurtured her kittens and taught them how to love and play with humans so they would be adopted quickly. Ellie is full of love and play herself and would make a wonderful companion in a home with children and other cats.


Flower was rescued from a kill shelter with her 3 kittens. She is a gentle soul who enjoys interacting with humans and other animals. She is joyful and playful, lovable and sweet. She will fill your home with joy, if you give her a chance.


Heaven was rescued from a kill shelter. This 6 year old is a sweet girl, quiet and gentle, and likes nothing more than a gentle touch and a cozy spot to snuggle with a family. Heaven will definitely put a smile on your face.


Three year old Hildy was rescued from a kill shelter with her four kittens. Hildy was a great mom and nurtured her little family until they were big enough to be adopted. All of the kittens were adopted last December, but now Hildy is ready to find her forever home. She is a gentle soul with fabulous mackerel markings ... so pretty.


Karolyn, a 6 year old black/gray tabby, is sweet, sweet, sweet. She has lots of love to give and is still interested in playing if given the chance.


Leslie was born in January 2014. She came to Dog & Kitty City in late January 2015, when she was very pregnant. She was placed in a foster home, and one month later she gave birth. Leslie is a gorgeous dilute tortoiseshell pattern. She is a very sweet cat and a gentle and loving mom. Leslie is still living with her kittens, but she will be spayed and then ready for a home and a new family to call her own.


Linen was born on 3/17/2012. She was brought to Dog & Kitty City by a kind lady who rescued her and her two kittens from a local kill shelter. The babies were adopted, but beautiful Linen, who is just a youngster herself, is still waiting for a human family and home of her own. Linen's eye was injured before she came to Dog & Kitty City, and the injury has left her right eye a bit cloudy. She does not require any special treatment of her eye. Linen has the most unique and gorgeous markings and colors in her sleek coat. She is a very calm girl who gets along well with other cats. Please come and meet this beautiful young lady at the shelter.


Mary Ann (born 4/2012) and her babies were rescued from a kill shelter with the hope of finding a loving forever home. Although she was very young, she did a good job raising her kittens, and all were adopted. Mary Ann has a beautiful golden-brown "tabby-on-white" coat and stunning blue-green eyes. She relates well to humans, and to other cats that respect her boundaries. She would like to find a home where she will feel safe and loved. She is young enough to be playful and enjoys personal attention.


Morgan is a 6 year old brown tabby with gorgeous green eyes and loving personality. She's just looking for a lap to enjoy and to call her own.


Nana is slightly shy and extremely loving. She was an abandoned mom with lovely babies. Won't you consider giving her a chance?


Neely (born 1/15/14) is a mom of 5 and looking for her new home. She loves people but is not the biggest fan of other cats. She would prefer a single cat household so she can get all the love!


Nova was born on 7/6/2012. She came to Dog & Kitty City with 3 kittens in October 2014. All of her babies were adopted, and Nova is ready for that forever home of her own. Nova is a gorgeous dilute calico, and she knows it! She has a calico cattitude and is not shy at all. She needs a home where everyone is aware of her calico-ness and appreciates it. She is playful and active and full of energy. She is very smart and will keep her human family on their toes!


Oceana is a cute buff tabby. She is sweet and always very playful. If you have a string or a play mouse, she's always interested to join in the fun. Come by and meet her and give her a chance.


Olivia was born on 06/07/2013. She and her three kittens were brought to Dog & Kitty City in June 2014, by a kind person who found them in her back yard. Olivia is not just a pretty face, as she also has an amazing personality. She loves to sit on laps and cuddle, and then runs off to play with toys, tunnels, and other cats. She will give hugs to the lucky human who adopts her. Olivia prefers to stay inside with her family rather than go outside. Do you have room to share your home with her?


Sweet Ophelia was in a family way and found herself at animal services with four babies. Not a great start for their little lives. She is a beautiful tuxedo cat with long white stockings on her hind legs and spats on her front feet. Ophelia has a calm demeanor, and she will make someone a loving companion.


Patches (born 03/29/14) was transferred from a shelter in Amarillo. She made the long journey to Dallas to find her forever home! She is outgoing, affectionate, and adores people. She is very playful and good with other cats. She doesn't seem to mind dogs either. She would make the perfect addition to any active family looking to add a new furry feline! Come to the shelter and meet her today!


Squeakers (born 1/26/14) and many members of her family were left in cardboard boxes at the shelter gate with just their names written on the box. Squeakers had four kittens that have already found homes. She is looking for a home of her own now. One that will last forever! She is affectionate, outgoing, and would love to snooze on your couch all day. Come meet this pretty tabby today!


Xena was born on 4/2/12. She and her three kittens came to Dog & Kitty City in April 2014 from a kill shelter for a second chance for a loving home. The kittens were all adopted, and Xena is waiting patiently for her forever home. Xena is a petite little girl full of energy and crazy kitty antics. She is playful, inquisitive, and mischievous. She loves to chase the red laser dot and runs the length of the hall at the shelter and jumps up the wall to catch it. Once she has played to her heart's content, Xena loves a quick catnap in the sun on a comfortable cushion beside her human companion.


2719 Manor Way, Dallas, TX 75235 | txt 214-350-7387 | Open daily 11:45 AM - 5 PM. Closed first Tuesday of the month and holidays.