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At Humane Society of Dallas County, we’re on a mission to provide love, care, and a forever home to every furry friend in need. By becoming a monthly member, you’ll play a vital role in sustaining our lifesaving efforts. With your continuous support, we can ensure that every wagging tail and purring friend receives the care they deserve.

Membership Benefits:

1. Regular Updates: Receive exclusive updates on the impact of your contributions, heartwarming success stories, and upcoming events straight to your inbox.

2. Quarterly Newsletter: Stay informed with our in-depth quarterly newsletter, packed with impact data to see your donations at work.

3. Personalized Recognition: Your dedication will be acknowledged through our website, celebrating your role as a compassionate guardian for animals in need.

4. Saving Lives: Your donations contribute directly to increasing the number of animals saved each and every month

5. Sign-up Gift: As a special thank you we have some great gifts for your donation commitment

Donation Tiers and One-Time Rewards:

How Your Membership Makes a Difference:

– $5 a Month: Provides crucial support for our microchipping program, ensuring that one pet receives a microchip each month, helping reunite lost pets with their families.

– $25 a Month: Covers the cost of a comprehensive veterinary exam for one pet, ensuring their health and well-being are monitored regularly.

– $50 a Month: Supports our spay or neuter program, covering the cost of this essential procedure for one pet each month, reducing pet overpopulation and improving their  quality of life.

-$100 a Month: Provides care and nutrition to a litter of motherless kittens or puppies

– $300 a Month: Supports a shelter pet’s needs at intake and care for an entire month. 

– $600 a Month: Pays for a month of dry kibble for the animals in the shelter

-$1000 a Month: Covers a lifesaving surgery for a homeless animal

By joining our monthly membership program, you’re directly contributing to these lifesaving initiatives, providing hope, healing, and a second chance at happiness to animals in need.

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By pledging a monthly donation, no matter how big or small, you become a lifeline for animals in distress, offering hope, healing, and a second chance at happiness. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of countless animals in need. Join our compassionate community today and help us create a brighter tomorrow for all our four-legged friends.

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