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Date of Birth: 07/19/2017

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Friday, 26 September 2014

We named [Smurfette] Jackie and she is doing just fine. She and Scooter get along very well. She’s learned how to play with his squeaky toys, though she still prefers just to romp with him. He’s learning to romp with her. They play constantly. She absolutely loves the doggie door and large back yard. They both enjoy surprising and chasing the squirrels. We think she’s actually younger than originally thought…she still has a good bit of puppy in her. Potty training has not been an issue at all and she sleeps in her bed right beside Scooter all night. We’re still working on her about the licking/mouthing habit. She wants to lick or grab your hand in her mouth (not biting, just mouthing) any time she is getting petted or held. I think that will gradually go away as she gets older and we continue to correct it. She has put on a bit of needed weight and her coat is filled out nice and shiny. Thanks!


- Family: Melinda


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