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Gracie and Chuck D
Thursday, 03 April 2014

They are great. Their favorite time to play is at night. LOL. And Chuck loves to hug people... he jumps on their leg (when they are standing) and holds on for dear life. The first few times, we thought he was attacking. But his motor (purring) gives him away. That's his way of saying he wants to be held. Gracie is too energetic to be held for more than a few minutes. Then she jumps down and is on the run again. She hates it when I have to work, and plants herself in front of me.


They both like to play on the piano. We got them a new litter box that has an enclosed top. It took Gracie a while to figure out how to get out of there. Now, when Chuck D goes in, she sneaks in and waits on him to come out. Then she swats the door shut and knocks him back in. Haha! They're still pretty inseparable and just awesome.


I attached a couple of pictures. I hope their sisters are as happy as these 2 goofballs.


- Family: Miranda


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