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Monday, 20 May 2013

Just wanted to let ya’ll know that Jackson is doing great (pic attached). I could not have asked for a better kitty or a better adjustment period with the other cats. He still sneezes just a little, but other than that, he is just perfect. And I do mean just perfect. He purrs and purrs every time you touch him. Most of the time he plays with the other kitties but he can also entertain himself. Then when he gets tired, he curls up in your lap and goes to sleep. So sweet! And you barely have to discipline him. All you have to do is say no and he stops doing whatever it is. He had his final shots last Friday and he’s scheduled for the neuter next month. (I’ll be a nervous wreck that day!) Just wanted to give you guys an update. Have a great week!


- Family: Debbie


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