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Zac the Siamese Kitten Takes a Trip to Florida
Thursday, 25 October 2012

Hey there,


It was 1 week ago today we got Zac from Kitty & Dog City next to Love Field airport in Dallas. He looks like a Lilac Point Siamese. He has pale blue eyes. He turned 6 months after we arrived in Ft Lauderdale, Florida on Thursday. We picked him up around noon on Tuesday October 16, 2012. Immediately we left; we were packed with litter box, scratching post, food and water, and we headed east toward Florida. That is a 1300 miles drive. We take 2 days to make the drive, staying in a motel along the way. (This is Fred writing this but the other human is Ron. Ron drives most of the time. I drive when Ron gets tired or sleepy.)


Anyway we found Zac to be a very mellow kitty with a very loving nature. He likes to mark us with a headbutt on the chin or face multiple times. He is not very vocal as in meowing but he does purrrrrrr up a storm when petted. Zac was a good traveler. He even tolerates the pet carrier well. At night he loves to sleep nestled up next to the humans.


In one of the photos you will note Zac has already learned to drink from the bathroom faucet. When he joins the other 2 cats back in Dallas he will be ready to join Lucky and Tyger as they relish drinking water from the bathroom faucet. Imagine 3 cats gathered around a bathroom faucet drinking.... Someone is going to have to wait their turn!


I am including some photos of Zac.


- Family: Ron and Fred


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