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Miss Coco
Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Coco is fantastic. She is with me in Hollywood this week. I call her Beverly Hills Chihuahua. She got through all of her heartworm treatment and then had major dental surgery. She had four broken teeth removed. And WOW after the dental surgery, her personality really appeared. She is such a bundle of energy and love. Unfortunately last week she scratched her eye and got a little infection so at the moment, she is in a cone. She looks super funny, but she hates her cone. I have to keep scratching for her because she gets itchy and can't reach her face. I think about you all the time and how you really brought such an angel into my life. I love that baby girl.


She "attacked" the plumber yesterday. She was going with that squeak bark for a while and I finally let her go and she ran down the stairs to him and licked his shoe. It was hysterical. I love her so much and spend ridiculous amounts of time petting her and cooing in her ear.


- Family: Gina


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