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One Happy Year with Tina, Wanda and Willamina
Wednesday, 17 February 2010



Just wanted to send you an update on three kitties we got from you last year. Everyone's well and (seems to be) happy.


Tina (Teeny) is ruling the roost and gets her way about everything. She has a favorite ball that she chases and brings to us like it's a mouse... meowing as loud as she can!!! Wanda (LouLou) is all grown up now and is so so so sweet. She plays with the kitten and is ever so gentle and good natured, even when she's stealing socks or snacks or laps. Willamina (MaGee) is ornery as ever and prone to spats with the other girls but she's 400% better than her first days here and has gained a great deal of health and vitality.


We found a kitten in the road and brought her home last summer, and our outdoor cat got so old she decided to be an indoor cat so we have 5 (see pics). We are now basically cat herders and couldn't be happier!!!




- Family: Laura and Rhonda


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