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New Dallas Pet Ordinances Approved!
Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Dallas City council approved the new pet ordinances June 25, 2008 in an overwhelming 10-3 vote. In summary, the new ordinances are as follows:

  • Establishment of a fee of $70 per animal for breeders to obtain permits. This is a decrease from the originally proposed $500 fee;
  • A limit of six cats and/or dogs to one household, those living on more than a half of acre are allowed a combination of eight. However, those owning more pets may appeal to the city to be allowed to keep their pets without penalty;
  • Dogs and cats are required to be spayed or neutered. Some exceptions apply for animals younger than 6 months old, service dogs, or those owned by licensed breeders. Also, if a veterinarian suggests that an animal should not be spayed or neutered for health purposes, an owner would not be required to follow this guideline;
  • Animals are forbidden to be used as prizes;
  • The city is allowed to seize and impound any dog suspected of causing physical harm to a person until after a scheduled hearing;
  • Owners are prohibited from tethering unsupervised dogs to trees or poles except for the amount of time it would take them to complete a temporary task;
  • Owners must provide at least 150 square feet of space and a proper doghouse for dogs that spend most if not all of their time outdoors.
For more details, read the story and watch the video.

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