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Dog & Kitty City: A [NEW] Highland Park Tradition!
Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Last fall, Highland Park High School Freshman Leadership Teacher Marilyn Morgan invited Dog & Kitty City to address eight classes at the school. Last month, Volunteer Coordinator Felicia Kalish and Board Member Andy Steingasser visited the school again and discussed HSDC's mission to provide a second chance to homeless animals.


The groups discussed how the shelter rescues and cares for the furry throwaways of the area, provides sanctuary, promotes population reduction via spay/neuter and fosters a respect for all living creatures. The students were introduced to volunteer opportunities including Cat and Dog Socializing, Adopt-A-Pets and special fundraising projects and promotions.


Many of the students, as a class and as individuals, jumped at the chance to help the animals. They became weekend regulars at the shelter walking dogs and playing with cats. Some of them joined off site adoption events and helped with dog care or kitty care at the Luv-A-Pet center at Petsmart. One group made an early morning visit - at 8:00 a.m. - to do the cleaning so they could experience the gritty side of operating a shelter. They dug in to sweep and mop, do laundry and dishes and generally clean up after the animals. Some of them worked in the yard, raking leaves and cleaning plant beds. The students also teamed up to raise money for a new water heater or for new skylights that open for the shelter. They wrote letters, sold candy canes and drinks, baby sat, had a "mega-bake sale," walked their neighborhoods, approached friends and family and collected almost $2,000 for this project. They also donated some new air filters for the shelter and food, toys and other special goodies for the animals and registered Dog & Kitty City at Petco and other area stores to benefit from holiday giving.


Some of the students have now formed a Dog & Kitty City Club and have as their mission continued support for the shelter and the animals. Shelter staff and volunteers are working with the group, at club meetings and at the shelter to sustain this marvelous effort on behalf of the animals of our community. This has been a great experience for the students and shelter team alike. We look forward to a long, continuing relationship. One student coined the phrase "Dog & Kitty City/A Highland Park Tradition." We just LOVE the sound of that!


Click here for some pictures of Highland Park's newest heroes.


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