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Happy Recovery Thanks to Guardian Angels
Monday, 18 January 2010

Last week, we received a call from a volunteer who works at a vet clinic. She asked if the shelter could do something to help Chester, a black cat who had eaten something that had gotten stuck. Chester needed surgery, but his owner could not afford to pay for it. The xrays had already been $600 and the vet wanted $800 more. The vet was going to put the cat down, and that's when the volunteer called us. The vet clinic told the owner that if the Humane Society took his cat in, he would never get his cat back. But Sandra Mustafa, our shelter director, went and picked up the cat and took him to the Dog & Kitty City vet.


The shelter vet performed the surgery successfully. Sandra then called the cat's owner about "adopting" his cat back, and found out the man is blind and that Chester is his comfort, he always sits on his lap. He loves his cat and had been crying about him because he thought he was going to lose him. Now he cried because he knew he could have Chester back!


So we want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all the Guardian Angels who helped pay for Chester's surgery and gave him back to his human. We couldn't rescue these lovely animals without your kind and generous help. THANK YOU.


While lounging around recuperating (with a shaved belly but otherwise fine), Chester posed for a few pictures for us. He'll be going back home today. He is very very friendly and cute!


Update: Chester went home. He was so glad to see his human again that he wouldn't stop rubbing up against him, and his "dad" was as happy as can be!



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