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Cat Modeling
Sunday, 01 November 2009

Jody Johnson with JLJ Designs, her own company, offered Dog and Kitty City the chance to participate in some cat photo shoots for a food product label. She saw our felines at the Luvapet in Petsmart - how lucky for DKC. Brenda Cabanski with Studio B Photography, her own company, does the fantastic photos. This is not an easy job with cats. Jody will be jumping around and shaking cat toys to keep the models in focus. Brenda does a beautiful job of taking the pictures.


Sandra, Kris and Claudia recently transported a selection of our felines to the photo shoot. They are pros at this now, it being the second photo session. Sandra shampoos and fluffs the kids up the night before. They want their babies to look their best. Some of the cats are here for their second chance to get their pictures on the product label of OUT. They know what it takes and are little hams. Sandra, Kris and Claudia are like proud mothers wanting their babies to perform.


These ladies pay the cats for their work as models at the photo shoots. Thanks and appreciation go out to these two ladies!


Here are some photos -courtesy of Brenda Cabanski of Studio B Photography- of our cats, and some candid photos of the anxious caretakers. Click on them for full sizes.


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