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i Fratelli Dough Nation Day Benefiting Dog & Kitty City
Monday, 24 September 2012

i Fratelli has proclaimed Monday, October 8th "Dog & Kitty City Day." They will donate 15% of food sales to the shelter as long as the buyer mentions DOG & KITTY CITY.


Please help us make this a big day for the shelter. Plan now for October 8th as Pizza Day. Mark your calendar at the office, at home, wherever you are. Post this on your Facebook too.


i Fratelli Pizza locations | Whether you eat in or call in for delivery, remember to mention DOG & KITTY CITY!

Play with the Shelter Cats Online!
Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Update 7/2/2012: The cat cam is live! Please check it out at ipetcompanion.net/client/humane-society-dallas-texas, or by clicking on the logo below, and play with our cats!



Updates on Hildie and Mockingbird Mom
Monday, 30 July 2012
Update on Hildie


Hildie arrived a really sad, sorrowful little bundle of no fur. She was so miserable that she just sank into a soft bed and looked pathetic.


We found she was microchipped, but backtracked the number to Houston where we lost the trail, so we are unsure whether some sad owner has lost this little darling or someone just left her behind when they moved.


Vet determines she is probably 8 years old. New exams and tests show no serious underlying problems, but really severe skin abrasions from allergies and exposure.


She is being housed indoors and seems happy with her little condo. Each day a little more sparkle shows in her eyes. If you visit her at the shelter, don't be surprised if she has a purple hue! This is part of her treatment.


We have a foster mom standing by, but staff wanted to treat and observe her for at least a week to be sure she is on the mend.


We thank everyone for their concern about this sweet little girl. We are getting her ready for her debut and that search for her forever home.



Update on Mockingbird Mom


The DuckTeam6 rescue volunteers have been out in force to help this family in distress. First success was Sam. Next was three more puppies, currently in foster care. For the big happy ending, fingers crossed for trapping mom. They have noted her leg is injured but cannot get close enough to evaluate the injury.


A nearby resident says she has been there for more than a year, and walks him to the bus at 4:30 every morning and then goes back to her spot. The sweet girl needs a second chance. Anyone out there with a yard and a spot for this very loyal girl?

We Need Your Help!
Monday, 02 July 2012

We have recently started to place donation banks throughout the city of Dallas to help raise funds for HSDC. Donation banks are those little acrylic containers that you see near retailers' cash registers where you can donate change to worthy causes. We need your assistance in getting more of them placed with retailers. So shelter supporters--please think hard about the businesses in your neighborhood, ones your friends or family may own/work for, and ask them if they would host a Donation Bank on our behalf. Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with information on where we can place one of our donation banks or if you would like to become a member of the shelter's Donation Bank committee.


At a high traffic retailer, each one of these banks can generate up to $400/year in funds for our furry friends--that's a lot of food and kitty litter per bank, and are funds that our shelter could really use! A Fact Sheet about the program and an HSDC letter introducing the program are attached.


Donation Banks Fact Sheet | HSDC Bank Letter
Give a Stray Dog Family a Safe Landing
Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A kind hearted traveler flew into Love Field on July 5th around 7:45pm and noticed a stray mother dog at a convenience store on Mockingbird and Lemmon. He pulled over and noticed her looking at everyone coming out the store and suspected she was hungry and thirsty. When he pulled into the store and tried to approach her, she didn't run away but casually walked in the other direction. He bought some dog food and water, placed it next the store, and she came back and ate it all. After that, he tried to approach her but, again, she casually walked away.


He contacted us for help. A great combination rescue team came together (as different people noticed this mom in need). She seems to be a very sweet dog who is just confused. Here is a tiny video of her eating from her rescuer's hand.


Last Saturday, the rescue squad confirmed that there are 3 puppies, one on one street hiding under a house and two on the next street over under a shed. They nabbed Sam and will try trapping mom and other pups later this week. He has a foster home through July 27th.


For their safety and health, we cannot take unvaccinated puppies into the shelter, so we are looking for Guardian Angels/foster homes so this little family can have a safe landing.


If you can help, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Sunday, 08 July 2012

This is Hildie. She was found all alone, starving and nearly bald by a kind hearted human who has surrendered her to our shelter. We don't know whether she got lost or was abandoned, but has obviously been on her own for a while. The only fur she still has are the tufts around her face. She is a Maltese, about 3 years old and weighs a scant 12 pounds. Despite her trauma, she is loving and so anxious to please and find a new home.


Her skin condition is likely a result of exposure and malnutrition, so she is on a "spa" care regiment of healthy eating and soothing baths and ointments to help her heal and gain her health back. She may have a thyroid condition, yet to be confirmed. Vet will run further tests once she stabilizes (physically and emotionally) with a little TLC.


Hildie could sure use a Guardian Angel or two and a foster home while she is healing if anyone could help with her care.

Thanks Again to Our Junior Volunteers
Monday, 21 May 2012

On Sunday, April 22, in honor of Earth Day, Girl Scout Troop 8539 from Christ the King School contributed their time to help us with our spring landscape cleanup. Their efforts contribute to a more positive image for the shelter and a more enjoyable experience for the staff and visitors when they come to the shelter. Plans are in the works for this scout troop to continue their support of the shelter with landscape improvements on the east side.


Jennifer Vernino, scout leader, has long been a volunteer and advocate for the shelter. Her son, Eagle Scout Christopher (Troop 412), recently coordinated an eagle project to build the new fence that improved access to the kennels from the parking lot.


We thank all the scouts for their interest in our shelter and their desire to be part of our family of dedicated volunteers and donors!

Celebrating Our Junior Volunteers
Friday, 20 April 2012

We are always so pleased and proud to have the young people of Dallas step up and apply their talents and love for the welfare of our animals.


Two junior volunteers, Danielle and Julia, have recently selected the shelter as beneficiary of their Bat Mitzvah projects.


Danielle chose Dog and Kitty City because she loves animals and wanted to do something to help homeless pets. She visited the shelter frequently and socialized with the cats and dogs.


For the Kiddish luncheon, Danielle made baskets out of colorful dog bowls and filled them with items for the dogs, cats, and for the shelter (pictured here). These were the centerpieces for the luncheon and then were donated to the shelter. Danielle also made cat toys out of baby socks filled with catnip.


Julia is a 7th grade student at St. Alcuin Montessori School, volunteering at the Humane Society as part of her Bat Mitzvah project at Temple Emanu-El. She loves animals and wanted to help the shelter animals. Besides visiting regularly with the animals, Julia painted an HSDC sign for the shelter (pictured here). She has future plans to collect donations for the shelter at her upcoming mitzvah event.


We are pleased to acknowledge these junior volunteers who have committed to helping the neediest pets of our community and proud to have them as volunteers.

Margrit Coates, A Special Shelter Visitor
Friday, 20 April 2012

Recently the shelter was visited by a very special guest, Margrit Coates. Margrit is the world's leading animal and horse healer and an internationally renowned animal communicator.


She toured the shelter and visited with the animals. Staff had selected some special care cats and dogs for her attention and Margrit worked with these animals, suggesting programs and treatments that could help them. Since her visit, staff reports many of these suggestions were applied and successful for the animals in need.


We were honored by her visit and grateful for her attention to our sweet animals.


Visit her website at margritcoates.com to learn more about this amazing woman.

Easter Bunny
Saturday, 24 March 2012

Update 4/5/2012: Here are some photos from the event!



In the spirit of springtime and Easter, we have scheduled a fun weekend with the Easter Bunny. He has promised to be available for photos with our furry friends. A $10 donation is appreciated. Somebody has to buy the jellybeans!


Saturday, March 31st from 11:00-3:00 at Avenue Barket, 3418 Greenville Avenue, and Sunday, April 1st from 1:00-4:00 at Lee Harvey's, 1807 Gould Street.


The Adopt A Pet team will be on hand with our precious pups but it is all about fun for everyone. Great products available at Avenue Barket and great food & drinks at Lee Harvey's.


So round up your family/friends/coworkers/animal lovers and visit one of the venues. Please share this via social media to invite everyone to attend. It will be a memorable photo op or just fun to meet the Easter bunny!!! Like the tooth fairy, he is an elusive guy!


Hope to see you!

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